share Em-client between six window users on same machine.

I have two computer at work. With one windows user in each one.
There are usally two people at the same time at work, one in each computer. And there are six people in total. 
We have two email accounts hosted in office365, one in each computer.
We are now using Outlook Client and getting email with pop3.

The problem is that now we want each user to use is own windows user login. Six window users in each computer. But, at the same time, all the people using the same computer should see the exact same email.

I would like not to maintain 12 different configurations, and huge data files, but only two. One in each computer. 

Is this possible with Em-Client?  

Sencirelly, José Antonio.

If the account was setup as IMAP, you could connect to it from as many computers or users as you wanted. But with POP3, that is also possible as long as it is on the same computer.

If the users are using separate logins, you simply need to save the database to a location that they all have access to. Under Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Storage, you can specify where that location is.

So, firstly setup eM Client so that it is working and connected to the POP3 server. Then close eM Client, and move C:\Users_username_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\ folder to somewhere like C:\eM Client. Restart eM Client and ignore the setup wizard. Go to the above setting, and select the new folder. Restart eM Client.

Logout and login as the next user. Start eM Client, ignore the setup wizard and change the above setting. Do that for all users.

It is better if the database is on a local hard disk, as running it over a network connection can be very slow.

Wow, that was a perfect answer. I am not used to that!. 

Best Regards,
José Antonio Garrido.