Several problems

hopefully those points will be studied and solved in a coming version.

1- 12/24 time format doesn’t work.
First, this should be a setting, not stuck to regional settings. Let the user pick what they want.
Anyway, my system is set to 24 hours (military time) but still, all email time stamps are in AM/PM
Calendar vertical timeline is in 24 hours, but each appointment is shown in AM/PM
Tasks are in AM/PM

2- Contacts
No way to sort them as “Lastname, Firstname”, no matter what option you check, even after an “Update contact” click in the “File As” section (settings/contacts)
This makes it useless to me, I don’t search people using their firstnames.
My contacts are imported from iCloud where everything is defined as Last/First

3- Contacts
No imported pictures. All are lost. Why?

4- iCloud
Deleting tasks or updating contacts in eM Client always ends up with a failure message stating that it’s forbidden and offers to skip or delay the update.
In that case, any link to iCloud is worthless except the first contact/calendar import. After that, what’s the point?
Yes, all is correctly configured.

5- iCloud
Small bug when configuring iCloud following your instructions, when you set and, then emClient adds an extra " /" at the end of the addresses (space + slash). This makes it impossible to connect to iCloud.
You have to manually go back to the accounts settings and remove the extra " /"
Example: calendar points to /
which doesn’t work.

Hope that this helps.
emClient 4.0.15010.0

thank you for your report. We are currently working on the fix and hope it will be solved in the next major release.