Several problems ongoing for months

I use eM Client several months with Exchange. It’s the Pro version, updated for the latest version. And all this time it has several problems:
* Several times a day there is a error message - problem with connection to exchange server. After our IT reinstalls me the application, for some time it runs smoothly, but then the problem comes again.
* Sometimes the application freezes and I don’t know why.
* Sometimes there’s a problem with sending a message - all the time it tryes to send it, but in vain. And I don’t know, which e-mail it is, because there’s no copy of it in the Outbox folder.
* E-mails can be compared by size. But this size is just the pure e-mail, it doesn’t count with attachment size. That’s for I don’n know, which e-mails are really bigger than the others and my mailbox gets crowded all the time.

Hello Filip,
To address all of your points:

  1. Can you please make a screenshot of the error? Also, when this error pops up again, could you please open the third tab in the same window as the error titled ‘Log’ and copy its content here?

  2. Is there perhaps an action during/after which the freeze usually happens? Is it a complete freeze? For how long does it stay like this? Does it unfreeze by itself or do you have to restart the application? How big is your database? If you open the Windows Task manager during the freeze, it will also show you where is the application taking up too much space - is it the CPU? Memory?

  3. When the message unsuccessfully tries to send, do you get an error message? If yes, can you please send us a screenshot? There is also a tab in the same window as the error titled ‘Log’ - could you please copy its content here?

  4. We unfortunately can’t help with the last point because some Exchange servers don’t transmit the information about the size of the e-mails correctly.
    Thank you,