Several issues: from IMAP server vendor


We use our own IMAP server (WinGate). Recently an em client update moved us to eM Client 8. It has numerous issues.

  1. Special folders isn’t obeying user settings. We have the checkbox to determine special folders UNCHECKED, and have specific mail folders set for sent items and other special folders. However, after sending a message, it logs a complaint in eM Client about being unable to append to /Sent (the wrong folder). However server logs show no APPEND command at all. So it’s not actually trying to APPEND.

Server advertises support for XLIST and metadata, however legacy mailboxes don’t have metadata set on them to identify which are sent folder etc. This is why the manual settings in eM Client should be used. This worked fine in eM Client 7

  1. Inability to append to /Sent Items is preventing eM Client from even checking for new mail.

It does look like there’s an issue with XLIST response returning 2 inbox folders with different case sensitivity so we will need to resolve that. I wouldn’t expect that to be causing this behaviour in eM Client, but you never know, I’m just mentioning this in case.



c’mon eM Client guys. Vendor here willing to work with you to resolve clear bugs which might be affecting a bunch of people.

Do I really have to move back to Thunderbird? Does anyone at eM Client actually care about us poor users? The silence from eM Client is deafening.