Setup with Exchange 2013

I am not impressed so far with this product. I am trying version 6.0.21372.0 with Exchange 2013. No matter what account I try all it does it keep on asking for the user and password to login. It starts to show mail than the password pops up. I can type the account in anyway with or without domain and it doesn’t matter.

You can’t tell me Outlook is not easier to setup. You just have to open it and it configs and open up in seconds.

I had the exact same problem with the authentication pop-ups with Outlook for many years, along with other errors once I went to IMAP for iPhone/iPad syncing. No advice on any of the forums helped. I got so fed up, I moved to eMC. Still get the pop-up occasionally but way less often. it will be quiet for a week or so, then happen once or twice then go dormant again. Totally random.

I find eMC a breeze to set up and use vs Outlook which is overkill for home use. Used Outlook for decades at work, so was well acquainted with it in a corporate setting.

IMAP is not on by default anymore in exchange in that is what this eM client uses now.

Hi, can you please try to update your eM Client to this release and check if the issue persists, ?

Thank you,

I had the exact same problem, but downloading and installing v6.0.21899 over the default download from the website fixed it.

Paul’s fix is solid.  This fixed it for me too.  Thanks!

Glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions with the application, we’ll be happy to help.