setup.msi is not common and may harm your computer

I have attempted several times to download the program. First the download gets interrupted. So I resume it.  Then when it is about 70% done, it gives an error message stating that .msi files are not common and my harm my computer. 

I then tried to download anyway, and it stated that I need to contact an admin.

I would include screen shots, but I don’t see how.

Please advise.

Do you have admin access to your computer?  If you are an employee at a company, you may not and windows may not allow you install software without a system administrator password.

Just an eM Client user here.

Sounds like your firewall or anti-virus/malware software is interfering with your download… and that you don’t have Administrative privileges on the computer you use. 

However, even without Administrative privileges, you should be able to fully download the software.  So, again, more likely that some program on your computer is interfering with your download.  

Side note:  If you are using a work computer you would need to contact an admin most likely for permission.  Business computers are often restricted from installing any application not approved by the company IT department.

Yes, it is solely my machine. I have admin access.

As mustangace below describes, try turning off you antivirus software to see if it will download/install.

It is my own machine.  As owner of the machine, I am set up as admin.   The only AV on here is Microsoft Security Essentials.   The error message is not coming from MSE, it is coming from Windows Installer.

Per another post similar to mine, I did go into Properties on the setup.msi file and it was set to “blocked”.  I unblocked it.  It still gave an error message.

My suspicion is that emClient is a direct competitor of Outlook, and this is MS shenanigans. I hope a emClient person reads this and has a work-thru.

I disabled MSE.  Same result :confused:

I assume you are downloading from the official eM Client website?

yes… that is why I’m here, at the official forum :wink:

I’m attempting the emClient6 to see if I get a different result

So I also attempted to download emClient6.  It downloaded fine.  At installation, it installed partially, then gave the following error: “There is a problem with this Windows Installer package.  A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected.  Contact your support personnel  or package vendor”

Also, Endpoint Security, which is on my computer because I do do work on here, was also set off saying that it blocked malicious activity on my device.

Endpoint Security is not something I can disable… or at least I don’t know how. 

I uninstalled Endpoint Security.  eMClient still did not download, but eMClient6 did!  So, now to see if it works when I re-install Endpoint Security.

What version of Windows are you using?

Quite a strange situation with download issues because all the install files on the eM Client website are .msi files, aren’t they? Doesn’t make sense why one would download and not another. Maybe if you are using a VPN, disable that and try again.

Fortunately if you are using MSE, you are not on Windows XP, because eM Client cannot be used beyond the 30 day trial period on that OS.

Unfortunately if you are using MSE your are not on Windows 10, because that will download through Edge and install the file without any issue.

But if you are as far back as Windows 7, you could try downloading the file using another browser, or even a download manager. I also remember that there were sometimes issues with installing .msi files on older Windows versions. That is not specific to eM Client, and you will have to search the Internet for the solution as those memories are much faded. :slight_smile: