Setup google hosted email address

Wanted to test out EM Client.  I have my own domain email address, but I use google apps for business so they host my domain name.  Anyway, I had to manually setup the mail to make it point to google and it did bring my mail in, but it did not bring in any of my contacts, task or calendar items.  Is there a better way in setting up EM Client instead of the manual way im doing it? Thanks.

Dear Craig,

I’m using the contacts and calendar from Google. No problem. When you setup your Google Mail account just use the checkboxes for Google Calendar and Contacts. So you should have everything available. It works perfectly here.

Best regards


Hello Craig,
you can use the automatic setup and your account should be still recognized as a google account. This is something detected from your mail server automatically.
Or have you experienced any issues with the automatic setup?