I’ve Imported all my settings and Personal folders from OE and have hidden the Global and Local folders. All very neat and tidy. However, the CONTACT button in the L/H panel doesn’t work now the Local Folders box is unchecked.
Is it possible to transfer the pop3 folder into Local Folders? That would solve my problem.

Also, the Close Application to Tray is great, but I find that I have to right-click the icon and Exit the app at system switch off otherwise I get a “Not closed Down Correctly” error when launching eM Client after a reboot. message

you will need to set your POP3 account again and at last screen of your Account wizard (during you create your account in Tools->Accounts->New account) set option Store messages in Local Folders.

Regarding Close to tray issue, I wasn’t able to simulate it but we are aware that some our users have had similar issues. Does it happen every time you switch your system off?

Hi, Gabriel, Thank you for your prompt reply. All spot on now.

Regarding Close to tray issue: Yes it happens every time with me and eM Client checks the database for corruption every time.

To save space on my C:\ drive, I’ve stored my eM Client Database on another partition, is that a problem?

I’ve just updated eM Client this morning and was unable to close down my PC. After manually closing eM Client I was able to shut down my XP system okay. After rebooting and starting eM Client I got the usual Database check.

Updating my previous post:

I’ve just updated eM Client this morning

I have “Close Application to Tray” checked in “Settings”.
My XP system will not close down at all now unless I right-click the eM Client icon in the Tray and select “Exit”. After doing this and rebooting I get the the Database check again. All is okay if I don’t have this setting ticked, but I like the instantaneous opening of eM Client this setting offers.