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It should be possible to store the settings either on an e-mail account (e-mail services which are supporting IMAP) or on a file cloud service (e.g. Dropbox, GoogleDrive and etc.). Like that you could easily setup several eM Clients on different computers but with all the same settings and there is no need to go through all the menus in the settings for adjusting all the settings.

Below just some examples of settings which should be stored centrally.

Reading the e-mails always in the same font size on different computers where eM Client is installed.

Composing the e-mails always in the same font size on different computers where eM Client is installed.

Hi Maurus, you should be able to export the application settings into a .xml file by exporting the settings in File > Export > Export settings into .xml file. You can then setup your accounts including rules, passwords and some of the application settings on other computers using this simple .xml file.

Unfortunately it is not possible to store the .xml file on your mail server as this is not supported by neither the mail server nor eM Client, but you can keep it safely on an external drive or some cloud sharing service.

As an eM Client PRO license user you are also granted access to the licensing system available at where you can setup which application settings will be enabled or disabled and apply these server/application settings to users of your license.

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Exporting and then importing is working. But if you want to go back you need first to create a new database and then import the settings which you exported before. That’s logical as it is normal with import and export functions.

Would be nice if you are able to consider the following input/ideas:

  1. After the eM Client is fresh installed and opened for the first time it would be nice to be able to chose a settings file which then would be imported so that you’ve ready the client to use. From the user side you just need an additional dialog box where the user could chose the path to the settings file.
  2. Instead of import and export it should be also possible just to read a settings file. For example you made several changes on the client with several accounts. After that you want just to clean it up. You just read in a default settings file and all the other stuff is being removed.
    I know this could be accomplished over the backup restore option but there you backup the whole database and depending how big it is it takes some time.
    The other possibility would be to create a new database and import the settings which you had before. This would just be a an additional step which I wouldn’t mind but for downloading again all e-mails it will take some time. Of course this depends on the size of the e-mail box.
    Because of the two mention reasons in the previous two paragraphs a default settings file would be nice.

Ok that’s not possible to store the settings file on the mail server.

I tried out the licensing system of emclient but probably I didn’t get the concept of it. As far as I understood you can make some modifications on the site and then you can push it to the client. The pushing didn’t work. Is this done over the Internet or do you need some local server? As I wrote above, probably I mixed up something. Is there a documentation which describes the feature?

Hi again, thank you for the suggestion, we’re currently working on an upcoming release of eM Client which should include an improved default import window to include restore from backup and existing settings file.

You can download the manual for using the licensing system, here: and here:

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