Setting which Address Books to Include

I’ve recently joined the staff of a VERY LARGE organization part time, and hence was given an email address, etc. Now when I type an name to start an email, I get thousands of suggestions for common names, and tens or hundreds for less common ones, which means … the suggestions are just about worthless at this point.

It would be very helpful if we could decide which address books to include in email completion suggestions, and which to leave out.

As the suggestions are coming from the domain business account (on the server end) you just joined, the business IT staff who setup your account on that server, normally are able to limit what email addresses are available for you to select from, without you getting the entire domain list when composing emails. I would suggest to contact your IT dept support at your new server.

It would be really easy for eM Client to just not download the address book for specific accounts. Exchange servers don’t have the kind of controls you’re thinking of.

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We have over 250 email account users on Exchange, most with Outlook; I am not aware of the issue you describe and I would definitely have been told if there was a problem.
Myself and 2 others use eMC on continuing evaluation - we do have issues with eMC, however, not any that mirror your experience.
Personally I have access to in excess of 100,000 addresses, never have your issue though I believe this is because of the way that our addresses are catalogued. We have a colleague/s specifically to maintain our data bases - so it can be done, relatively easy to maintain but I do accept a massive task to setup from a complete mix up of addresses built up over years of use.

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Not certain what this response is saying … are you saying I shouldn’t care how many suggestions I get in the autofill? Are you saying you have 100k+ in yours, and it doesn’t bother you, so it shouldn’t bother me? Can you explain how you handle the autofill suggestions when composing an email when there are thousands of options in the list?

I recently started teaching at a college who’s address book contains every student, former student, staff member, professor, etc. When I type in “john,” I have (at least) thousands of options … which means, essentially, that the autofill options are useless.

I’d prefer just not to download/use the address book when it is this large. I can find folks addresses in other ways that are faster than scrolling through thousands of “suggestions.”

What makes this worse is I have multiple accounts, and these suggestions pop up for all of them. So if I try to send an email from my personal account to someone names “john,” I get thousands of autofill options … making it impossible to find the one I want.

All I’m asking is that eM Client have some way not to include specific address books in the autofill when I compose an email. I don’t want to go argue with the exchange admins about their email address practices. I don’t want to argue with the exchange admins about finding some way to stop downloading the address book to my client.

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No that is NOT what I am saying; autofill will, as you correctly point out will start to present suggestions based on what you enter (the more you enter the better the result), hence as I said the way that the database is compiled is critical, ours is as a “strict” alpha numeric, it works for us.
We also maintain additional restricted access databases by country with sub divisions by market sector/security/military/government. These go back to 2003.
I am sorry I can not help you more, my intention was simply to point out what can be done.

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Exchange servers don’t have the kind of controls you’re thinking of.

Googling the Microsoft technet support site on setting up Exchange servers for user email accounts, it appears normally to limit an exchange account user to only see specific contacts / email address’s (and not the entire organizations global email addresses), the admin of the exchange server sets up an ABP (Address book policy). Also Microsoft advise the ABP needs to exist in the GAL (Global address list) that’s specified for the ABP. So as you have an exchange server as you advised, then i would speak to your IT Exchange tech support guys at this organization to look at doing this for you.This will then avoid you seeing those thousands of email addresses.

Ps I have worked at many differant major national companies with thousands of users across the country and when i was assigned an email address account i never got the entire organizations userbase email address’s appear as it was allways limited by the server admin staff. This was also done for privacy reasons. Eg: you were not aloud to email specific peeps in the bussiness so they locked users down to only specific email address’s in the organization / business.

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The problem is that if you work under certain IT teams then trying to get them to change things can prove to be nearly impossible. What the original OP is requesting is a way to say “Yes I want this address book from this account” and “No I don’t want that address book from that account”. It would solve the issue instantly and seems like it would be a most simple change from emClient’s side.

This would give the end user more choice and control and is a simple checkbox after all.