setting up toolbar and menu

Can someone tell me how to setup the interface so the Menu items show all the time?
Also, I want the client to stop automatically syncing when I open the program. I’m not always connected to the Internet and I’d like the option to tell the client when to perform a “send/receive” like in other email programs. Is there a way to enable a button to do that?

If you are not connected to the Internet, eM Client will automatically go into offline mode. There is no setting you need to change for this.

If you don’t want eM Client to be permanently connected to the server when you are connected to the Internet, then you need to setup the application to use POP3 instead of IMAP. Please see the [Help File](| _____ 3) (F1) for instructions.

The menu is designed to be expanded on click, and collapsed when you move the mouse elsewhere. Can you explain what you mean by showing menu items all the time? 

Thanks - I’ll try the POP3 setup so I can control the auto-sync.
I’d like to be able to just click on Menu items without having to click on Menu, then run through the options. I’ve attached a view from my Outlook showing what I’d like to have circled in red - if possible,…

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These items you have highlighted in your screenshot are already there in eM Client.

What is it particularly that you are missing?

I just wanted the line that showed File/Edit/View/Go/Tools/Actions/Help always available on a separate line if that’s possible.

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So those are all behind the Menu button because eM Client has gone for an optimized simplified interface. I guess the idea is to keep those things we do not always use hidden, and just keep the message specific ones visible, making for a much prettier interface. :wink:

You can customize the message toolbar by right-clicking on it and choosing Customize. That will allow you to add a few other option like Print, but still, I think they have intentionally not allowed it to be cluttered like MS Outlook. Thunderbird did the same.