Setting-up Site Build It(SBI)email account

When trying to set-up an account, It displays "eM Client can’t verify identity of”, the host name doesn’t match the name specified in the certificate.

Here is SBI info:

POP3 or POP Server: pop.t**********.com

SBI! MAIL Username: *[***@**********.com](mailto: @*******.com “Link: mailto:***@**********.com”)

SBI! MAIL Password: *************

Please advise, thank you.

Hi Bill, this can occur when the server sider certificate doesn’t match the server address setup in eM Client. This can be potentially a security risk, however can also occur when redirection is setup on your mail server.

In case the above mentioned host ( is a known address to you, you should be able to connect to the server and save the option to remember this setting for your server.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul, I’m not sure what all that means, however, info (server, username, password) was provided by the SBI. Running your auto setup again  produced this message:

“The server was found, but authentication failed. Check the email address and password” Please advise what further action is required.

Thank you,


Hi Bill, this warning points to an incorrect credentials being used to setup the account, please make sure you’re using the correct credentials and try to re-setup the account.

If the issue persists, try to disable any security elements that might be blocking the connection between the client and the server, and check if you’re able to setup the account again.

Thank you,