Setting up alias

I have an account with an alias on a private domain name. I cannot add the alias as an account as eM Client looks for a server at that domain name. If I add the address, it works but an email sent from the alias gets replies to the address.

How can I set up an alias as the default sending and receiving account?


I assume from the lack of replies that eM Client doesn’t work with aliases?


If you are using eM Client version 7.x you can adjust aliases in Menu > Tools > Accounts > Your account > User information. Setting the alias there instead of setting as a new account should fix this issue.

I hope this information was helpful.

Thanks for the reply, Russel. I had already done that. But it doesn’t have the required affect:

  • when I create a new email, it defaults to being from the address: I have to change to the alias every time;

  • and even when I send from the alias, the receiving account gets the email as ’ From: Xxx Xxx [] On Behalf Of Xxx Xxx’ and when the receiver hits Reply, the email is sent to the address.

I want the address to be effectively invisible to anyone who gets an email from me: I only want them to see that the email is from my domain and to reply to that domain. This is possible using web client and used to be possible using desktop Outlook 2016 client but that behaviour changed recently.

Is this not possible in eM Client either?


Hello Tony,

I checked these issues with Outlook email account. The problem is that in eM Client you can setup the aliases as you did, but while the email goes through Outlook online server it denies the alias and sends it from your primary address. This is all about Outlook server setting and unfortunately we can’t do anything with this known issue.
I am sorry for this inconvenience.


Thanks for checking it out, Russel. Maybe time I dumped and paid out for my own email server.

tonylinde … it does work (sort of) but you have to create the account as an Exchange account because eM Client has no idea how to set it up otherwise. If you do that, it does work and you can send and receive email to and from the alias account.  Interesting that Russel didn’t point that out.

however… there is still a serious problem and, despite the nonsense we just saw from Russel, it is NOT an Outlook server issue.  The problem is that when someone does a reply to your message sent from your alias account, eM Client will suddenly stuff a nonsense account address in the To frame.  The sender may or may not notice it, but they aren’t likely to question it and the message will never get delivered. 

there are many UI design features of eM Client that I like so I’m trying desperately to use it but the back-end is the worst engineered trash around.  I’ve tested this quite extensively with several other email and calendar clients (mobile and desktop) and NONE have this problem and none have the syncing instability that eM Client has.  NONE.  Worst of all, rather than admitting it and doing something about it, they point the finger claiming it’s someone else’s fault and out of their hands.  TOTAL NONSENSE!!   and with this this hope people will cough up for the Pro version???  in their dreams. 

Hi Rob,

I did set my account up as an Exchange account.

“when someone does a reply to your message sent from your alias account, eM Client will suddenly stuff a nonsense account address in the To frame”:


Ok, sorry.
But I cannot buy a product if I don’t have the certainty that it goes well for me.
In the answering and forwarding of the email, how can be used the same sender font even in headers?
Can I send you a photo to explain what I mean?

The issue isn’t with EM Client, it’s a function of  There is no mobile app or software that can properly send and work with aliases (meaning sent mail arrives as if from the alias account, not the primary account and other things).  It is a function of how was made and works…based on Exchange Server.  The forums are full of angry people and have the same issue.
Microsoft doesn’t seem to see this as a problem unfortunately, so fully using their aliases is limited to their web application.  Not even the official Outlook app for Android or iPhone works.  It’s pathetic!

It’s a function of  I know, I’ve tried and experimented with every software and mobile app.  Even the official Outlook app for Android and iPhone experience the same thing.  The ONLY way to properly send email from aliases (as you want) is to use the web app from your PC/Laptop.  PERIOD.

Microsoft doesn’t seem to understand that this is a problem for us and doesn’t care.  Their forums are filled with angry users.

Actually, the Outlook app on iOS and Windows (don’t have Android gadget to try it out on any more but it worked six months ago) work fine. Messages are marked as coming from ‘ on behalf of’ but the reply goes back to the alias - on my iPad and Lumia 950XL). It is just Outlook desktop that doesn’t work (well, doesn’t work for the Exchange connected email, it works if you connect through IMAP).

Alessandro, this thread is all about getting eM Client to work with aliases: if you want an answer to another question, you’d be better off posting a new question on the forum.

Hi Spike, see my reply above: Outlook apps on iOS and Windows mobile both work okay; it is the desktop Outlook and eM Client softwares that don’t work.

That’s simply not true.  The native email app on my LG Android phone handles this exactly as I want and expect - email sent from an alias using a domain are replied to using that same alias address.

Thanks for pointing out what happens when changing the default alias on the Outlook account.  It doesn’t fix this eM Client problem but at least now the replies are deliverable, they weren’t before. 

Hi Russel, thinking this through, eM Client should have no problem sending the email as do other clients: it less of a problem if the email is sent as from ‘ on behalf of’ as long as the alias is in there somewhere.

What eM Client then needs to do is:

a) make it possible to default to sending from the alias so we do not have to change the drop-down every time we want to send an email;

b) set the reply-to address in the email properties to that of the alias (and, in general, give the user the option to change the reply-to address for any new email).

Can you check with the developers if this can be made possible in eM Client and a likely timeframe. If this can be done, I think you’ll pick up a lot of unhappy users.


Has this problem been resolved?

As Rob and Tony indicated above, an Alias can be used for Reply-to and From in other email clients such as LG, IOS Mail, and Nine Mail for Android and IOS, so its obviously not the fault of Microsoft

Could someone from eM Client please respond with a substantive answer?

Any news on this matter?
I just tested my iOS Mail on my phone, and Nine Mail from an Android device both using my account, with a Default From Address that is not my Microsoft account email, and it works perfectly every time.