Setting up Out of Office Reply

Im trying to set my Emails to tell people that im on holiday and to contact office. but dont know how to do it. please help .


This is not possible at the moment, because it has not been implemented yet. Mainly because this is a server sided feature.

Its simple, just setup an auto reply rule and make it a button on the em client.

Select account for Auto Reply, select or create response, simple. Does not need to be Server side.

em client is better than outlook, and should be made with an out of office button, or auto response. be one step ahead and always be better


yes you can set auto reply by rule, but this is more server side request as eM Client will not reply if it is not turned on :slight_smile:

Most servers has auto reply settings and they are still online.


How do you do this?

Hi Brenda, I believe what David mentioned is not possible either. We’re considering adding the auto-reply feature to future releases.

I hope you can manage to use the current settings, or maybe David can provide a more detailed instructions on how he achieved this.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul, so according to this post in new version eM Client 6.0 is still unavailable to set up auto reply by button from eM Cl to go for business trip or holiday…? Piotr

No, this is unfortunately not possible. As my colleague has suggested, this is a server side feature. eM Client is an offline email client, but if you’d leave your office, it would be turned off, for this reason the application would not be able to process the auto-reply which by default should be handled by the server immediately as new message is received by the server.

Hope this helps,