Setting up Hotmail exchange account

Been having a few problems with a hotmail account before and after upgrading to EM7. Eventually figured out it was because my account had migrated to exchange (it says outlook mail when I log in through a browser) so have been trying to follow the instructions to set up the account using exchange mail option. However I am getting an error message repeatedly as attached. Not sure what I am doing wrong? Password is ok, but could I be locked out through repeated attempts at trying via EM. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

I’ve heard that it’s an issue with outlook/hotmail/msn servers because multiple people are having this very issue on various mail clients and apps, not just eM Client.  However, I’m not sure if it will ever be fixed because outlook is not acknowledging it’s anything to do on their end (check their twitter feed, it’s like a robot in a loop!).  There are other messages on this forum, including from myself, with this same issue. I have 2 MSN addresses and 1 of them (my main one of course!) stopped working in eMC last Thursday, however, the other 1 still works fine. I deleted the nonworking account from eMC and tried re-adding it and got the same screen as above. I also could not sync that email on my android native email app, nor on my Kindle.  For some reason, the native email on iPad still works. Since then I’ve downloaded the outlook app on my android and I can get my mail that way on my phone but it’s not syncing the deleted emails from the server; they still show up.  I’m hoping that msft/outlook is just in the middle of switching servers or settings or something and the kinks are worked out asap! 

Thanks for this reply. I had a look to see if there were any other problems on this forum before I posted but couldn’t see anything beyond setting up the account again as an exchange.

Hotmail had stopped working for me on EM6 a few weeks ago. I went back to Outlook on PC but then remembered why I wanted another mail/calendar/contacts client! I upgraded to EM7 and it worked fine for a week before it stopped today. In both cases I had set it up using the automatic set up ie not specifying exchange.

On Android I have been using myMail for hotmail, gmail and another exchange mail and it has been working fine (touch wood) 

I tried this morning setting up the hotmail account, not as an exchange account, but as an Outlook account on the automatic set up and it seems to have worked for now. Had tried a few other things including enabling the POP settings by logging into hotmail on a browser. Given what has been happening I am not totally confident that it will last but just wanted to update.