Setting up CalDAV with Etesync

I have everything set up with email but because they are protonmail accounts, you cannot sync the calendar from their server. The answer is Etesync, where I import all my calendars there and need to setup the CalDAV calendar in em client. I have put everything in as instructed by Etesync, but nothing happens. Calendars don’t load. There is no error message, nothing. I open the account settings, choose the account for calendar, check diagnostics to log, but unlike with mail accounts, there is no diagnose. I save and close and no calendar appears. Can anyone confirm how to do this?

I have finally gotten the calendars to come in. And even though em client shows some errors, everything appears to be there. Have heard from another em client user that this is not unusual behavior with etesync bridge and em client. Probably safe to ignore error as I have 5 email accounts set up in em client exactly the same way and one of them reports a connection error, yet I am able to send/receive with no issues.