Setting up Automatic Replies

Hello: There is probably a simple way to do this that I am just completely overlooking. eM is my primary email client for my Mediacom account. While my email is also readable through Microsoft Outlook 365 or Mediacom’s web-based mail I never use those.
I cannot seem to find a way to set up an auto-reply when on vacation for example. Is there an easy method to accomplish this?

This, from @Gary, should help answer your question.

Hello I use the em client together with the Mailcow as a mail server. In the em client, I am not given the function of an automatic e-mail reply. However, if I use my NINE e-mail app on my smartphone, it is able to set the absence data in the mail cow from the client. Will there be this function in the em client in the future, because it should be the same, right? LG

The Automatic reply feature is available, but only for the providers where we can synchronize the setting with the mail server - Google, Microsoft365 and other Exchange accounts, IceWarp and Imageway at this time.

Is there any plan to implement such a function in the future? If so, in what time frame is it planned? The question must be allowed, since they clearly state on their website that the em client can completely replace the SoGo web interface. For me, this also includes creating automatic emails