Setting up an Email Group

I have the free version but was going to buy it if it did what I wanted but just cannot get it to work.

The main job I want it to do is send out about 98 email to members of my church once a week but cannot find a way to make a email group so all I need to do is in the bcc section is add the group,

I can make a distribution list and add everyone but the only problem then is anyone in the list takes on the label of “church_list” so if say I have had an email from the vicar in the week her label becomes “church_list” and I cannot find a way around it so sadly I won’t be buying the program.

I don’t understand why that is happening. I have a number of distribution lists and none behave like that.

One question. In the individual contact entries, as well as the email address have you also put the individual names in? I am wondering if leaving that field blank could cause that issue.