Setting to stop auto-view next email

I cannot find an option for Reading email, whereby when I perform an action on an email (e.g. delete, archive), it will simply not select the next email message. I do sincerely hope there is an option for this that I’m just not seeing.

FWIW, I dislike that it automatically opens the next email, because inevitably I want to have some next message remain unread for a multitude of reasons, but then boom it gets opened and marked as read. Adjusting the mark-as-read timer is no good, because then it slows me down when I’m cranking through some blocks of emails, trying to quickly delete or archive, etc; and forces me to go manually mark all those as read once they’re archived or moved to folders.

Note: Spark Mail has this option, and I love their implementation. Basically when the auto-open next email option is disabled, I can just hit the down arrow key and it automatically opens the first/top email in the inbox. The up arrow would open the last visible email at the bottom of the window (not the bottom of the inbox). Of course I can use the mouse to click on any email further down in the inbox I want to view. Perfect.

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A bit too late, but still:

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Thanks for this, I really appreciate it as I hated my next message automatically opening as well.