setting outgoing email importance/priority

It is possible to set an outgoing email as high priority (header: importance = high, [x-]priority = 1) using the Important button in the message editing toolbar. Is there a way to set it as *low* priority (importance = low, [x-]priority = 5), instead? Thanks for any pointers.

Just the basic “!” important flag.  I always hated those flags anyway.  People tend to have an inflated sense of self importance as to their importance of their email.  Or, everything is “important” which means really nothing is.  Sorry about the rant and that I couldn’t be of more help.

Won’t argue any of that, yet fact remains that some sort of importance scale - including, notably, “low priority” - is available in many (most?) other email clients. If someone sends me a “low priority” message, emClient just hides that bit of information AFAICT, and also prevents me from replying in kind.

I don’t think it’d be too complicated a feature to support and, in fact, I still hope it’s already done and hidden in some corner that I haven’t figured out, yet.

Been using this program a long time and don’t think it’s an option.  Maybe submit this as an idea and if it gets enough votes they may consider it in the future.

Thanks, and done.