Setting gmail alias account as a default when creating a new email

Is it possible to set gmail alias account as a default when creating a new email?

Alias name is already configured in accounts setting. 

When replying it appears first without switching accounts but when creating a new mail always have to remember to switch…

Hello P.,

It is not possible to set any alias as default. To set an address/name as default, it would have to be added as an eM Client account.


I have my own domain name, hosted by a hosting company and diverted to my ISP email server address at Is this unusual ? My current email client sends emails “From” and “ReplyTo” my address, and the ISP address is never mentioned. Why have you omitted this classic ‘mo’, essential if you wish to retain the capability to change ISPs ?

Otherwise your app is the better than Thunderbird or Mailbird, being the only one which imported my Eudora contacts successfully via csv.

Hello Colin,

In eM Client, it is only possible to send e-mail from addresses that have been entered into the program. If you’d like to send e-mails from an address that is connected to the e-mail that you set up in eM Client, it will be necessary to set it up as an Alias in Menu ->Tools ->Accounts - User information - ‘Aliases…’


Why is it not possible to set an alias as the default sender address? Is it not possible from a technical perspective or have eM Client just not coded for it? I already know it is the latter, so why say “it is not possible” when it actually is if you made it so?

I have a G Suite account, with multiple domains filtering into one account. My primary account is and I have aliases like and I would like to sent the default sender as but it would be stupid of me to go and create new accounts in G Suite (and pay for them) just because I cannot set a default in emClient.

Yes, please! This is the only feature I find missing in eM Client. It’s great that you can use aliases and I’m sure it would be a simple matter to provide a configuration option to choose which address/alias be used on new messages.

Any progress on this issue?
ItÄs really annoying to always manaually select the alias before sending…


It is not possible to set an alias as the default.

If you are mostly sending from an alias, rather setup that account in eM Client, then select it as the default.

Doesn’t work as such. The address is really just an alias.
I have my own domain, use gmail mailboxes and manage addresses with my domain as aliases

Disappointing :frowning:

It is not possible to set an alias as the default, because in eM Client a default account needs to have both incoming and outgoing protocols. The alias is a function that simply sends the message through your master account, with a different reply-to address, it is not a separate account. In the case where you have an alias function setup on your server, then the message may have the alias as the from address.

Where you have multiple addresses forwarding to one account, if you have aliases setup for each of those addresses, when you reply to them, eM Client will automatically select the correct alias as the sender.

Well, if you have your own domain, then just setup the address on that domain. Then connect to that server rather than GMail.

Yes, eM Client automatically selects the correct alias when replying. And yes, when composing a new message, the correct alias can be selected manually. So, technically, sending via alias is already possible. All that is lacking (and painfully lacking, I have to say) is a simple setting to preselect a specific alias for new messages. That’s all the OP (and others like me) is asking for. The question is NOT about about “default account”, but about a “default alias” for any account. And, technically, it is about something as simple as preselecting an alias address from an existing(!) selectbox. It would be really great (and probably very simple) if this could be implemented.

Yes! The tools are all there. All that is needed is a simple option in account settings to specify which alias should be selected as a default when composing a new message. Not very difficult, is it?

As I said, in order to select an address as a default it needs both incoming and outgoing protocols, which an alias does not have.

This is not helpful. There are reasons for a setup like Andreas’. And the technology is already there in eM Client, it just needs to be manually selected each time. This is asking for a setting that allows for selecting it by default, if needed.

Technically, it is not already there in eM Client. An alias and a normal account address are not the same, and as such are not treated the same. Even GMail does not treat them the same. Look at the header of any email sent as an alias from GMail, and you will see that the master account address is still there.

If you are always sending from an alias address as default, and you own the domain, there is no obstacle to switching the addresses around. Setup the alias as a normal address, and use that account in eM Client as your default. Problem solved.

Some email providers also allow you to logon using the alias, and that way you can use it as a normal account. There are many helpful options to solve a problem that really is just a misunderstanding of what an alias really is.

How is the default option in a select box dependent on protocols? eM Client already knows how to send from an alias without protocols being in the way. It can be made to do so with two simple clicks at the time of composition. You just have to remember those two clicks each time, which is a hassle (and at least I often forget it).
I’m a programmer myself, so please don’t tell me it would be a major technical problem to introduce a new setting that is used to preselect an exisiting option when the new message composition window is opened. And if you want to argue that this is technically impossible, please explain why it works after manual selection and how the lack of an outgoing protocol prevents a different prepopulation of the new message form.

This thread was originally a question: is it possible to use an alias as the default. The answer is no. Technically, it is not an email account, so you cannot set it as a default sender. That is the condition required by eM Client. There is no sense in long protracted comments, because that is how it is.

However, if you would like to propose a different implementation, you can start a new idea thread on this forum, or vote on one that has already been created. If there is sufficient interest I am sure it will be considered, and maybe even implemented.

I’m getting the slight feeling that you’re maybe not understanding the original question, which is asking exactly for what I’m describing here. As for an implementation, have a look at Thunderbird…?

I understand the original question. "Is it possible to set gmail alias account as a default when creating a new email?" The answer is still NO. It is not possible to do that in eM Client.

I guess that is different from what you are asking, which is Can the implementation be changed?

Yes, the implementation in Thunderbird is different. You will notice that identities in Thunderbird actually have SMTP server credentials, whereas aliases in eM Client don’t.