Setting for hide/show icons

First of all - thank you very much for your work and making this email client app.
I was trying to find a mail client, which to use with my mail accounts and to be outside of Internet Explorer. Well, found the best one - eM Client!

I have a question about appearing and hiding the icons - it will be very good idea if you implement feature as “hide icons”- I am talking about icons as: reply, reply to all, etc. Is there a possibility to have a setting for this? Also a possibility for setting icon only, or text only for these?
Thanks in advance.

Best regards,


first thank you for your feedback, it means a lot to us.

As for that question, we do not currently plan customizable toolbar so hide these icons will not be possible now, but we are preparing completely new design of eM Client so if it will be implemented you might like it more than now.