Setting auto-Bcc for all email accounts


I want to configure email accounts for 40+ end users. Each user will have multiple accounts to manage.

I want to monitor the incoming and outgoing email traffic, for incoming it is easy as all I need to do is setup an email forwarding and all the emails landing in that specific account will be forwarded to another specified account, but for the outgoing email I think forwarding can not be setup. Atleast not with Titan Mail, so that is the reason I am thinking of moving to eM Client. I can setup an auto Bcc address and all the outgoing mails will have a copy created and sent to the Bcc email address.

Is there any way by which I can restrict a user from removing this Bcc email address? Right now I downloaded the free version to test out this Bcc feature, though it automatically picks the Bcc address whenever I am composing a new email but I can remove and send the email without creating a copy. Secondly will a copy be created if it is a reply instead of being a new email?

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For those with eM Client Business Pro licenses, there are some settings that can be managed through the license manager, like preventing your users from adding email accounts, or syncing department signatures, etc.

Unfortunately restricting removing the BCC option is not one of them.

But check with your email provider. There may be a server option to copy all sent messages from your domain.


Thank you, Gary.

Is it possible to restrict some user accounts to only incoming emails while restricting the outgoing services?


Is it possible to restrict some user accounts to only incoming emails while restricting the outgoing services?

Restricting users sending mail is normally controlled by the mail server admin end.

Eg: If you have Exchange Server or Office 365 Server, and you want to control users sending mail, you go to the Admin Centre or Admin portal and go to “Flow control” and create rules to do that, which restrict sending mail to either “not sending mail to outside company email addresses”, or to restrict “also not sending mail to internal company addresses as well” depending on what you want. Then select the specific users for that rule to then restrict sending mail.

Once setup, If the user then tries to send, they get a warning message that states the mail was not sent due to restrictions applied.

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