Setting alias as default send address

I’m aware that this issue has been raised on this forum a number of times. I’m posting because I think it could do with another airing.

I’m brand new to eM Client. Just trying it as an alternative to Thunderbird. On the whole I like what I see but there’s one feature in Thunderbird that isn’t offered here. It’s the ‘reply to’ feature. The alias almost gets there but as so many others have posted, it can’t be used as default. If Thunderbird can do it, why can’t eM Client?

If I find myself sending mails without remembering to select the right alias, I guess I’ll just have to return to Thunderbird.

Thanks to anyone who’s listening!


I Totally agree Richard.
This isn’t a Mars-Mission.
What could possibly drive these developers to Insist on refusing to add a feature so many users have asked for for years???  

I have tried everything possible, with eM Client you can not even setup a send-only account, or seperate the Send/Receive.  They refuse to assist with a work-around.

Any eM Client alternative suggestions appreciated.

@ Edward2

While I agree with most of your comments - the exception is this:
"… _ or seperate the Send/Receive "  _
There is a separation per Account…

The other issue 
"What could possibly drive these developers to Insist on refusing to add a feature so many users have asked for for years???  "
requires an understanding about the eM Client company.

This is a small company with a development team to match.
Their resources are stretched to capacity and more.

Their mistake (my opinion) was to take on the development of a Mac version,
thereby diverting  their already strained resources for something that would never return what a Windows version would do, simply because the market for Mac users is only a fraction of that of Windows. (a fact - not my opinion)

Thanks DiggerP

My apology for being vague, I meant the separation of the Send/Receive (server info) for the same account.  That the user must enter the specific separate Incoming and Outgoing server information for the same account.  And send/receive are not separable as in other email clients.

I would almost be willing to pay for this fix.  This one issue has made eM Client unusable for myself and no less than 25 users I work with in support.

I agree with you.

Hi Edward2.

You can setup an SMTP only account in eM Client - just setup the account as normal and then untick the IMAP/POP service. You will find this in Menu > Tools > Accounts > General > Services. However, an SMTP only account still cannot be set as a default account because the application requires both a send and receive service to be there in the default account.

Richard, if you have an alias setup and a message was sent to that alias address, when you click on reply it should automatically use the corresponding alias as the sending address.


I am indeed aware of that. The issue is when composing a new email. My habit is to simply send - I (and most others I suspect) wouldn’t normally stop to consider whether I’m sending it ‘from’ the correct address.

And, having some programming experience myself, I simply can’t believe that building in an option to pick default alias is either impossible or even particularly difficult to achieve. This issue was first raised some years ago - plenty of time to plan it into a development schedule if wanted. So maybe someone from the developers can say why they don’t want to include this option in their system?