Setting a rule with a wild card

I can use a wild card *@anydomain to run a search and from there I can create a search folder.


What I want to do is set a RULE using the wild card eg.

*@somedomain  Set category “key clients”

This is important because I often deal with many individuals inside a company and I don’t want to set rules one by one for every person.

This rule should cover any instance of to, from, cc, bcc, and set category.

Once category is set, I simply create a search folder on the category.

Any one know if the wold card can be used please in the rule?

I cannot make it work.

Thank you.


Hi Matthew, if you want to setup a Rule for a specific domain just use ‘’ in your rule instead of complete email addresses, and you should be able to setup a rule for the whole domain.
You can also setup a category automatically using this Rule.

Hope this helps,

That worked for me using just but I need to add a condition to include these as well. How catch these or anything else “Voice one”?

“Voice One Training”
“Voice One”

With the three senders you listed, you could create a Rule using with words found in the header.


This will find all three of those.


Gary, Thanks for replying. Your solution is far more elegant than the one that I came up with. Here is what I did:
After message has been received
with ‘Voice’, ‘Vocal’, ‘Improv’ found in subject
and from ‘’, ‘’, ‘’
move to Voice One