Setting a reminder on an e-mail?

Is it possible to set a reminder on an e-mail? I used this a lot in Outlook by setting a flag for a particular time, but the flag here doesn’t seem to have that option. I just started using eM Client, version 6.0.19690.0.

Hi, you can create task or event from email, nothing more is possible or planned at this moment.

Right click on email - create Meeting/task from email.


Thanks, I’ve created a task with a reminder and will see if that works better than setting an event. (I’m not able to snooze event reminders–they keep popping back up immediately–or to dismiss them until after the event’s time has passed.) At least creating a task doesn’t automatically consider everyone included on the e-mail to be a guest the way an event created from a message does.

well when you are creating event from an email it is logical that people included in email are somehow related to it.

Anyway issue with dismissing events should be resolved in newest version…


Re: creating an event, yes, including everyone is logical. That’s why I wanted to create a reminder instead. They’re not the same thing.

Re: issue with dismissing events, thanks for letting me know about the update. I was already using v6.0.19714.0. I hope v6.0.19723.0 resolves this. It didn’t resolve the annoying but bearable issue of getting an error every time I open eM Client (“Uploading item(s) to folder '/e-mail@> failed with an error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”)…

Update: I am still having the problem with snoozed event reminders immediately coming back. I can’t dismiss them, either. Nor can I change the reminder time in the original calendar event.

That issue with events is it only about Gmail calendar? Do you have this problem with new events or old only?

That issue about object reference (if eM Client works for you (except those reminders)) should be possible to solve if you uncheck “show window when an error occurs” in Tools - Settings - General - General.


I think it’s only the Gmail calendar, but will need to observe more carefully and set some test events. I’ll let you know what I find.

As for the object reference error, I don’t want to stop showing the error window because sometimes eM Client can’t reach the Gmail server, and then it needs to be closed and reopened before it starts synchronizing again. I need that error message to alert me. It doesn’t seem to do a retry on its own.

Re: the snooze issue, it seems to be limited to Gmail events created before the latest update. I have many that are recurring meetings that I need and therefore can’t delete. New events and task reminders snoozed OK.

We are still working on this problem. You can help us by providing GData logs, go to tools - settings - advanced, check GData under your account, apply and restart eM Client.

Simulate steps that leads to your issue and after that send logs… to together with this topic’s URL in subject.

then you can turn logging off.


I will send logs as soon as the issue occurs again. I do not see a way to “simulate steps” because the Gmail calendar event must be an older event and I cannot change the reminder setting. I have to wait until the reminder pops up. If the event is already past due, snoozing the reminder seems to be equivalent to dismissing it. If you know a way to simulate this, please provide the steps.

Have you sent those logs already or this issue has disappeared? I have not received anything with this topic’s url or name so I am checking situation about this.


Yes, I sent the logs under a different topic. I installed an update yesterday and another one today. Yesterday, after the update, I was able to snooze reminders on older calendar events created by someone else, so I’m hoping the updates took care of the issue. I have a few more such events tomorrow and the next day, and if they can be snoozed, I’ll be sure the problems gone. Thank you for pursuing this bug and working to get it fixed.

Thank you for this information, please tell me about your future events also.


No problem with snoozing or dismissing the other events. Thanks!

I don’t want to stop using outlook if em-client does not offer this feature.

I need a reminder on emails I sent. To set a task reminder is not the same: When I get the reminder I cannot open the email I sent (for writing email again).

That’s so important!


Reminder of emails I sent is necassarry because
so many people don’t answer and it is an easy way to resend an
old email :wink:…

I prefer the way Outlook handles reminders on e-mails to creating a task because they’re just simpler to deal with. I don’t have to flag the e-mail separately to find it again and I don’t have to leave Mail and go into Tasks to get rid of the task. But I can live with this in exchange for synchronizing with Gmail, which for Outlook requires purchasing additional software.

It depends on the quantity of emails you don’t get answered! :wink:

I personally want to change from Outlook with gsyncit, but derect
reminder on email (as you explainde above) it is an comfortabel
feature I cannot miss - so I cannot change :frowning: