Setting a filter to block a domain type

How do you create a rule to block a type of domain name? I’m getting tons of spam emails from wierd domain extensions (.faith) and would like to create a rule to block them. I tried doing it with that plainly awful rule wizard but it isn’t working. 

Did you try move to junk and blacklist domain?
Worked for me.

Ahh yes I know about that however I don’t want to just block a domain but a whole extension. Spammers are now using a whole wierd batch of email extensions such as .faith and .date instead of .com etc. I don’t expect to ever get a legitimate email from an domain so I would prefer to block all of them. I can always remove the rule down the track if they ever get proper use.

For some reason this last month I am getting a couple of dozen spam emails a day from what looks like throwaway domains and And as this damn program has no real filters I need to make rules for it. A pity as it’s great otherwise.

Thanks anyway though.

Because this blacklist creates a rule with domains listed as, maybe you could try wildcards like @*.faith. Don’t know if it would work, because my eM Client is suffering with the connecting to server failed problem, so I cannot try it.