Set-up Problems On Android

Hi - I already have an Em Client set up on my Windows PC and it works fine. I am attempting to set up my account on my Android. On android my set up is that the IMAP server is, the Security is SSL/TLS, Authentication PLAIN and Port 993. The password is asterisks so when I press NEXT I get the error Sync failed, your username or password may be incorrect (3010) Email server returned “NO, [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED, LOGIN Invalid credentials”.
By the way, my  IMAP on Windows  is This was set up years ago. Can anyone let me know the details I should be inserting on my Android please? I think it’s the password that’s the culprit? Thank you in advance.

If your user Name is correct as & it’s nit working you have put Or git the wrong password entered. The password will be whatever you chose to be your password when you set up your Sky email account & if you’ve forgotten it simply select “Firgottem password” & reset

Thanks very much Frank. Where do I find the page which allows me to change my password please? I can see ‘Password Protection’ but that’s only for startup protection only. Thanks again.