Set up exchange email with different domain name to email server

Hi there,

I have two company emails, one with a different company domain but using the same exchange server as the other address that is the same domain as the exchange server.

I am trying to set up this exchange email in EM client where the email address uses different domain from the server (this works  no problem on my Iphone and on outlook on office PC)

When I try to set up this email in EM client it looks for a server address same as the email. I can change it manually in settings but then its not listed as an exchange service, only as a IMAP and SMTP and even then it provides the emails from my other email address that has the same domain as the company server.

Has anyone had this issues and can provide suggestions for this?

Really appreciate any assistance!

Setup the one that has the same domain as the server. When that is working, edit that account by changing the login details to the account that is not on the same domain. You may need to restart eM Client once you have done that.

Then you are going to need to setup the first one again, that one that auto-discovered correctly, as a separate account.

Does that make sense?

Thanks for the reply - I did this already and it appeared to work fine by syncing with the server and listed all past emails, however a few minutes later is gives the Connection failed message for this email with the  ! symbol in red triangle next to this email .  The error then remains.
I did check the connection settings that seemed correct.