Set retention policy on folders

Is it possible to set retention policies on individual folders? This was a feature on Thunderbird that I liked, particularly since I receive a lot of alert type emails that I have set Rules for. On Thunderbird, you could have the program clear out everything older than a certain number of days from those folders. If this isn’t available, it would be a neat feature to add.

Only “archive” function exists in eM. It move older emails into local folder - but every email from every folders.

Retention policies as you wrote, for me interesting too. Or archive configurable on individualy folders.

Hi Alan, this is currently not possible in eM Client, as Martin stated above, it’s possible to setup automatic archiving to remove your messages from the server and save them into your local folders.
We’ll consider adding this feature to future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

I figured as much. Thanks’for your quick reply – I’m pretty pleased with my transition from Thunderbird so far.

Glad to hear that, let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

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I would also like to have this retention policy added to em Client.  I used it in Thunderbird and I need it to keep Trash and Spam folders at limited size.

I also would like to have different retention policies for different folders. 

If the rules allowed you to select by age then it could be achieved. 

Seems a step back after thunderbird. Are you likely to be adding it? 

Okay - I think this is a deal breaker for me. I was hoping to try EM Client free version and if pleased, upgrade to the paid  version. But without retention periods and automatic deletion based on date, I’ll be off back to Thunderbird.  Seems a massive omission.  I get so much stuff (e.g. from eBay, and Facebook, and a forum site, and half a dozen more such sites) which I want to divert automatically to a special folder, hang on to for a couple of weeks in case I need it, and then automatically  delete after 2 (or 4) weeks unless I’ve specifically moved it elsewhere. 

Best of luck with your product. You can email me if you add this feature. 

This is a must for me also

This feature may be available through your email provider. I have it with IMAP folder options with my provider, so you may want to investigate further:


Nope not mine I think