Set "My Contacts" as the Default Category when adding new contacts (for Gmail)

I would like to see the ability to set a “default” category for all new contacts to be assigned to… specifically setting “My Contacts” as the default category, to match with Gmail.

This is because:

If I add a new contact using the Gmail website, it gets added to “My Contacts” by default.
If I add a new contact using my Android phone, it gets added to “My Contacts” by default.

Therefore, I would like eM Client to have this same functionality so that my the procedure for adding new contacts is consistent across all 3 platforms. It can be very fustrating to have added a new contact using eM Client, only to find that it’s not where all my other contacts are listed when I use the Gmail website or Android - just because I forgot to set the “My Contacts” category when adding the new contact, or I didn’t have the “My Contacts” category open at the time.

A simple checkbox within the settings menu would suffice… and perhaps the selected default category could be highlighted within the list, to make it obvious that it is the default.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, contacts will be always added in eM Client into folder which you have currently active, we do not plan to change this behaviour in foreseeable future.



I really wish eM client would reconsider this request and allow users to set the a default folder for new contacts to be created in.  The lack of ability to set this is super annoying for gmail users (I assume the bulk of your users).  As the original poster pointed out, if you forget to change the folder to “My Contacts” it will not be synched to the correct place and the rest of one’s devices using gmail will not get the new contact.  Please re-consider this feature.

Also, contacts are not added into the folder which is currently active.  It does so for the CATEGORY, but not the FOLDER.


Thanks Bill, it’s only taken 10 months, but I knew I couldn’t be the only person who wants this!

I assumed it was a buried setting somewhere and have been living with it for a while. Ridiculous.  I also hate that it automatically creates contacts (in their root contacts folder at least, so it doesn’t get synched due to this issue!) for everyone that you email with.  Have you found a way to turn that off?  

Hard to believe there aren’t good windows email clients out there!  I just want something that synchs mail, contacts, and calendar items with gmail well :slight_smile:

Nah, there’s no way to change it. On the whole, eM Client does seem to be the best free program for gmail on PC desktop, I guess they’ve got a massive list of features to add. I’m hoping a bit of flattery might make the developers reconsider this one!

Thanks Rich!  Hopefully they monitor thread activity and see this one :wink:

Thanks for posting, Bill. I too would really like for there to be a default that ensures that every contact I enter gets automatically synced to my gmail contacts for other devices…unless I want that not to happen. At first I thought it was just something I forgot to set correctly.

I’ve used emClient for several years now (paid) and kept hoping it would be added - at least optional. Purchased for my wife last year and she’s just about to quit emC, specifically because of this.