Set .html file as the source for a signature

In TB this is a feature that is a life saver for anyone with multiple versions of signatures, which I realize is probably not the bulk of email users. Nonetheless…

It would be great if there was an option to source the content of an email signature from a file on the hard drive. When the option is enabled for a particular signature the user would locate a local html file and provide the path to the file instead of entering content for the signature.

For anyone with two different computers that they sync together this is a great solution when you are changing a signature. If the html file is saved in a folder that syncs with the other computer and that computer’s mail client sources the signatures from the same paths the signatures on the other computer will be updated automatically.

It’s also just a little easier to edit your signatures when you are an advanced user.

I’m sure there are many other features more important than this but thought I’d see if I could get it on your radar.

Thanks for your time. 

I enjoy your program thoroughly.

This would be nice. I have a script that generates a new signature every 5 minutes that selects from a database of quotations. Being able to read in an html file each time you create an email would be useful for advanced signatures instead of only having the same signature.

I was testing out eM Client for work and looking into all of the features. When creating a signature right click > Edit Source

Found it in another post so another win for eM Client as I look into moving from TB.

Also I was able to copy my TB HTML signature and paste the code in and it worked almost 100% had to adjust it a little bit but that was minor.

It still would be nice if I could just link to an html signature like TB does but this will work.