Set Filter Default for a Folder

I like using the filter feature for the folders, but is there any way to set a default filter setting for a folder or at least overall?

Let’s say I am in my Inbox and I have set the filter to show me only unread messages. I click on another folder—like Drafts—for whatever reason, and then when I click back over to my Inbox I have to reset my filter settings.

I have a few different folders that I click around to frequently within my email, and it is just a PITA to have to reset the filter every time.

Yes I too have about five peeps I regularly search for emails, so would be good to to have some saved eg: 5 quickset favorite search filters that are still available even when the program is closed and reopened.

This is the purpose of a Search Folder.

It is a permanent filter displayed as a folder.


It is a permanent filter displayed as a folder

Can you elaborate on that as I don’t understand what that means ?

I you want to filter your Inbox, e.g. to only display messages with attachments. In version 9 we have this as a drop down filter in the message list. If you are in another folder, it is three clicks away. Inbox > Filter > Attachments.

But if that is too many clicks for you, create a Search Folder to display the Inbox folder for messages with attachments.

Now you have a permanent filter, displayed as a folder, and it is just a single click away.


If I was only bouncing around different folders a couple of times a day then I would not mind, but I am constantly clicking between folders setup for many different customers as well as folders I have setup for email from our CSRs. Those three clicks add up real quick.

I thought about that as well, and I even implemented it prior to posing my initial question… and I don’t use it because unlike a regular folder, Search Folders do not have any representation when they contain new/unread emails, nor how many unread emails.

I sincerely appreciate the attempt to help. However, I feel like I am safe in assuming that the answer to my initial question—the ability to set a default filter setting for a folder—is a, “no.”

You said you want to be in the Inbox and filter only unread emails, and for it to be like that when you return to the folder

So, create a search folder that shows only unread messages in the Inbox. You can click around other folders and when you come back to that search folder, it will still only show the unread messages. I don’t see how that is different from what you see in the Inbox, when it is filtered for unread messages?

Another option is to just sort the Inbox by read status. That way the unread messages can all be at the top in received order, exactly the same as if you filtered on unread. The only difference to the filtered view, is the read ones will also be there, way down the bottom, and the sort order is persistent and individual for each folder.

I used the Inbox as an example. In the interest of being forthwright, I want to add that filter to pretty much every CSR folder I have. I looking back I realize that I did not communicate that effectively at all. So that becomes changing the filter in Inbox, then clicking over to CSR-A and then having to redo the filter, then clicking over to CSR-B and resetting the filter, and then later clicking back to CSR-A, and redoing the filter, etc.

Maybe it would be easier to describe the end result of what I would like. I want to be able to have 0 emails in a CSR’s folder after I have addressed all of them. I don’t want to delete the emails once I am done with them because I want to keep them for a length of time as a paper trail in case something goes awry and I need to backtrack to discover where the error may have happened. Right now, I archive the emails, but that automatically moves them to the archive folder, which then just becomes an ungodly jumble of everyone’s emails in one place. The thought is if I can restrict the default view of a folder to just the unreads, then I can keep the read emails in that folder as well and be able to be sift through by changing the filter to “All.” The Search Folders would be perfect if they would have the same visual representation of showing the number of unread emails in the folder like the regular folders do. I find visually glancing at my email program and seeing the number of unreads in each folder to be the easiest manner for me to keep on my emails in a timely fashion. The notifications that Em gives, while useful while I am at my computer, don’t serve me well when I am away from my computer, which I am frequently.

I hope that provides a better insight into why I asked the initial question.