Set default outbound email address to an alias (Gmail for Work)

For reasons that are unimportant, my primary GMail (for business - custom domain) is not the address I need to use most often. I am successfully using EM Client using a dropdown for the “send from” but would prefer that the default be my alias. Is there a way to change the default in EMClient.

Hello Liam,
unfortunately it is not possible to set an alias as a default address, it needs to be set up as an actual account.
If you choose to reply, the address that the message was sent to/the account folder tree that is used will always have a priority and be automatically added first.


I have the same issue.  I’m using gmail as my service, but I have a domain name and forwarded email for doing business.  Problem is that I frequently forget to change the “from” address when responding to emails, so people see my gmail address.  I might actually pay cash money for the pro version if setting an alias as a default were a feature :slight_smile: