Set as default email

Good day all,
I have a serious problem while composing emails. I have 2 email accounts… one is primary and another secondary. I have set my primary account as “set as defaults” under account settings. I have found no where another setting under “preferences” so I assume that’s the only where I have to set it. But now when I am composing emails… my secondary email is at the top right corner… every time I compose an email I need to select my primary ID from the drop down box. Why is it so? Why can’ I make it default there?

You can set the default e-mail account under the menu via Tools -> Account. Select the account you want to be primary and than click on “Set as default” button below. The default account would be highlighted as bold.

TNCS may be you haven’t ready my question fully

I have, and I conclude to check the setting again whether the correct account has chosen to be primary or not. As when you compose a new message, the e-mail address shown will be the primary account that has being selected.

After I double checked I’m posting my question here. Thanks anyways.

Hi all,
I have the same problem as aqther.
But I would like to narrow down the problem and I think this is a bug that need to be solved.
When you click on new email, the email address shown is the one used in the selected message in the main pane. I mean, in the main pane, if you select a message received in your primary box, when you compose an email, the address will be the primary. If you select a message received in your secondary box, the address will be the secondary. It seems that the “set default” is useless.

Will it be fixed?


I think you guys need to send a log to eM, I have never had this problem with all of the version I use. Creating a new mail would always be my primary account that I have chosen as default, no matter where I am. It only reply and forward will choose the address of which ever account it received from, including alias.

It is not a bug, it is a feature we decided to implement according to people requests. It should compose message from the account you are currently in unless you are at no account tree. It will compose message from default account then.

Great, but when I am in global folder’s inbox and I click compose… again it chooses my secondary ID.
After reading your post I made a quick test and you are right… when I compose a message from the account I am currently in… it works fine. My only problem is it should have chosen my primary ID when I compose from “global folder’s inbox”.

Yes, you are right, I will raise the issue at our support ticket system for consideration of solution.