Set as default email client Android 13

Unable to make emclient default email app Android 13

Google in their wisdom didn’t put the option in OS 13 or 14 in the “OS / Settings / Apps / Choose Default apps” section to make a mail client default.

So to make eM Client the default mailer, first go to your Droid “OS / Settings / Apps” section and “open your current default mail client”.

Then click “Set as default” and click the “Clear” button on the right of Clear defaults as in the Gmail example below.

Next once cleared, press the back arrow at the top till your back to your OS settings.

Now close OS Settings and Close all open Mail apps.

Lastly “open a mobile web browser” like Chrome, and then “click on an email address link” and you will then get a Droid OS popup window appear at the bottom to choose which mail client you want as default. So choose eM Client and select “Always” as in the example below.

Making eM Client Android mail app default, where currently Gmail Android mail app is the default.

When I click an email address I get these options.
There are no always or just once option.

What happens when you click ‘em Client’? Do you get the option then?

No, emclient starts and an email is opened with the clicked email as to address


First i clicked this email address on Pressreader App settings page. I think that is a function.


Then I tried an emal address on setting page, that works fine.
Thank you!