Set action is invalid for property error with Calendar item


I have been receiving the “Set action is invalid for property error” on a calendar item when syncing with my Exchange Online account.   I’ve resolved the issue by repairing the calendar from the Properties menu but I thought that I would post the sequence of events to reproduce the problem in case it was of any interest.

My main account is a G-Suite account.   The Exchange Online account is a secondary account.   Both are set up in eM Client.   I sent an invite to an event from the G-Suite account to several attendees, including the Exchange Online account.   I accepted the invitation and received an “Accepted” “participation status reply” in the G-Suite account from the Exchange account.  All fine so far.

Earlier, I decided to search for the event by subject and the first result was the participation status reply.   As soon as the message appeared in the preview window I received a “Set action is invalid for property” error message from the Exchange account (even though the Accepted message is addressed to the G-Suite account).   The more detailed message refers to the field calendar:RequiredAttendees (see XML snippet below).   For some reason, opening this email causes the Exchange calendar item to be updated and I’m guessing that since it isn’t the source of the invitation, the required attendees can’t be updated.

Once this error has started happening, it comes up every time that eM Client is started.   It is easy enough to clear by repairing the Exchange Online Calendar folder.   It is also easy to reproduce the issue by opening the Accepted message again.





22:05:43.424|018| Set action is invalid for property.

22:05:43.424|018| ErrorInvalidPropertySet

22:05:43.424|018| 0







Hello Phil,

Thank you for reporting this issue. 
Please let me know on what version of eM Client do you experience it?



Thanks for the response.

I’m using the most recent version, 7.1.30794.0



I get same kind of errors with Exchange calendar. I logged the error and in my case it seems to point to recurring events. I can fix it by repairing calendar folder, but the error always comes back eventually (because of recurring event?). Also, I think it’s always an event I did not create myself, but was invited to. But maybe that is not relevant.

eM Client version is 7.1.31849.0

Below is a piece from the log. This particular event is repeating every 2 weeks.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
" rel=“nofollow” target="_blank" title=“Link http//schemasxmlsoaporg/soap/envelope/”>">;"; xmlns=“”; xmlns:xsi=“”; xmlns:xsd=“”; />"; xmlns:xsd="" rel=“nofollow” target="_blank" title=“Link http//wwww3org/2001/XMLSchema”>">;"; xmlns:t="" rel=“nofollow” target="_blank" title=“Link http//schemasmicrosoftcom/exchange/services/2006/types”>">;

Set action is invalid for property.

I was going to suggest you remove the event and add it again, but if it is something created by someone else, that is not possible.

As it is an Exchange account, you could remove the account from eM Client, then add it again. Might help if it was some cached data that is causing the problem.

Yes, I’m sure that would fix it, but only temporarily, just like repairing the calendar folder. I actually have two clients on different computers and the same error is on both, so it keeps coming back.

This issue occurs for me on version 7.1.33101.0. It occurs on every calendar entry I have. I cannot update any entry sent to me. My organisation uses skype integration and has rooms listed as contacts. Although, even rooms without skype meetings and without rooms do not work.

Did you try removing the calendar, then adding it again?

Hi! It’s the year 2021. I face the same problem. It states
“[Exchange Web Services]Set action is invalid for property.”
Does anyone knows if eM developed a permanent fix?

Unfortunately I got the same error…

Right-click on the calendar folder where this event is located, and choose Properties > Repair.
This will resync the events with the server and the error should disappear.

If not, you may need to remove the calendar, then add it back again.

Hi guys,

we are switching to O365 now and emClient is having all sorts of problems with Exchange Online :frowning:

Beginning with this one here:
Windows Version of emClient 9.2.1628

When I delete an event that I am invited to:
[Exchange Web Services] Set action is invalid for property.

There isn’t even an option to Decline the event in the first place.
I already repaired the calendar account.
The event is not deleted in the O365 calendar. After repair it’s still shown again.

Maybe some more hints:
For some external events I am shown the Decline, Accept buttons, and I bet that deleting will work there.
For some reason emClient thinks that I own these events that I do not.

The events are owned by an M365 Teams Group Account that I can access as well, but I did not add in emClient. (or better removed it, because of other permissions problems with this one).
But I am trying to just remove my participance, not the whole event as such.

This is really not functional at all right now.
Please help.

Any update here?
I thought this is a premium paid product?
Right now, we cannot reliably work with emClient and O365 in our company.

Main Problem: Shared Calendar sync and handling is not working with emClient!