Service update 8.1.1053 and 1054 download / installation impossible

Using fire fox I am unable to install the latest updates. Am I the only one to complain?

I just downloaded 8.1.1060 from the Release History.

It downloaded as expected, and I was able to install from the downloaded msi file.

Are you getting some error from your browser when downloading?

Are you getting some error when you try to install the msi file?

INfo is as follows: The installer has encountered an unexpected error…code is 2503; next info …2502.
Set-up assistent for Em Client has been terminated before being completed. - What is next?

Uninstall eM Client making sure NOT to delete the database directory when asked.

If it exists, delete C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client.

Download and install the latest version from the Release History.