Serveral Issues with Google Contacts in eM Client

I’m using my same Google Contacts account on eMClient 6.0.24943.0 on Win7 and on an eMClient 7.0.28822.0 installation on Win10. Both eMClients do not work well with Google Contacts.

  1. Some Contact Groups can not be deleted:

The contact groups Coworkers, Family, Friends und Home have never been created by me, do not exist in my Google account and can not be deleted:

As you can see, these groups do not even exist in my google account but only in eMClient:

Why can the additional groups not be deleted?

2. Can not assign my own groups to new contact

In eMClient 7 I can not assign my own contact groups to a new contact:

In the contact categories there is none of my own contact groups bu lots of groups I’ve never created myself.

This is not an issue in my eMClient 6, which lists all of my own contact groups:

  • Rainer

I was browsing post looking for a solution to this exact problem. Have you been able to resolve?