server storage? how does it works? some newbie questions

i know these are newbie questions… i’m just trying to understand somenthing:
When it says that with IMAP mails are stored on the server… what it means?
Do you (emclient) keep a copy of my emails? to which server it is refferring?
Are you able to access my emails?

If i decide to don’t use the programm anymore, what i have to do to being sure emails (counting address and pass too) are not stored and accessible from somewhere due to the use of the emclient?

Thank you if you will have the patience to answer me.

em client is just  program to sent and retrieve your emails / just like the Post Office.  Where the emails are stored is the Internet Service Provider that you are using not the software.  Keep in mind that if you delete them on your PC they will be deleted when your PC and Internet Service Provider Server Sync.  the only way anyone would be able to access your email would be if they knew your email address and password and can get in using Web Mail

Thank you Betty,
So, emclient and similiar services don’t store anything, mails are stored only on the PC and on the ISP server?
I just deleted my emclient account for test (menu>tools>account>trash can on his side), that means that the emails have been deleted from PC and the ISP server too and that they are only on the webmail that i use, as before?
The Sync. between PC and ISP it’s instant? i deleted the account while in offline mode on emclient.
Also, you confirm they cannot keep track of the address and password i used to make the sync.?

Yes, IMAP stores the messages on your email provider’s server, and eM Client provides a cached copy of those messages in the desktop application. If the messages are deleted from the server, say by your phone, they will automatically be deleted from eM Client. So eM Client is just offering a mirror of what is on the server.

eM Client Inc., the company that provides the software, does not offer email hosting services. They neither store nor have access to your messages. The connection is only between your computer and your email provider.

If you uninstall eM Client from your computer, the user database will not be deleted, so if in a few months you decide to reinstall it, you will see your data and settings are still there. Currently you would need to manually remove the database from your %appdata% folder (C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\eM Client) if you do not want to keep it. The upcoming 7.2 release will prompt you to delete the database when you uninstall the application. eM Client Inc. does not have access to your user database, which includes messages, events, contacts or passwords.

Thank you very much to you also, Gary, i feel better now.
So emclient it’s just a mirror of what i see on gmail/hotmail, there are not additional “folders” online with emails and other infos that can be accessed, regardless of the use of imap or pop, it just connects  to gmail or hotmail through their servers and shows me (only to me) what’s in there.
The only “extra folder” that has been created it’s in the appdata or anyway only on my PC, nothing else anywhere.
After deleting the section in the appdata and the account everything returns back like before i used emclient, without leaving traces online.
Correct me if i’m wrong.
If i’m correct, thank you again (just let me know, please)

There is a difference between POP3 and IMAP. As I said, IMAP just offers a mirror of what is on the server. If you reformat your hard disk and then setup eM Client again, you will get another mirror of what is on the server. 

POP3 is very different in that it removes the messages from the server and stores them only on your computer. If you deleted the %appdata% folder, you would also permanently delete those messages as they no longer exist on the server.