Server-side search on microsoft accounts (eg. @outlook)

Seems like “search on server” is not working for microsoft accounts.

I have a hotmail account and I tried configuring it both as IMAP or Exchange but in both cases the “search on server” is not working. This makes searching old messages very tedious because it forces me to sync the whole history which is something I don’t really want to do since I very rarely need old messages. However, considering the account itself is very old, the “search on server” becomes really important.

I’ve also tried a gmail account and the “search on server” feature is correctly working so did I setup something wrong? Is it just bugging out? Or is such a basic feature not fully implemented?

No one has any idea why “search on server” is not working with / hotmail and other microsoft email accounts?

Can anyone using outlook / hotmail / live email accounts check if server-side search works or not? You just need to search for a very old email that is not synced with eM Client (let’s say eM Client syncs 1 year but you search a 2-years old email).

This would be really appreciated since I’d not enjoy buying a pro license with lifetime updates without server-side search working on my main email account.