server says unavailable maximum number of connections

I am currently using the trial version and would like to be able to buy a pro license but not unless the product is going to work. I have two email addresses set up using the same server - both are IMAP and are set up with the same settings all except the actual email address (user name) and password

However one of the addresses keeps getting an error message that says: Server says unavailable maximum number of connections and asking for the password. This does not happen all the time but is often enough to be a pain.

I also noticed that when I checked the settings on the account that doesn’t have a problem and went to the diagnostics page after clicking diagnose that account then receives a test message

when I do the same with the account that has a problem sometimes the SMTP and IMAP both work other times SMTP works and IMAP doesn’t and sometimes IMAP works but not SMTP and sometimes neither work and I just get the error described above (unavailable)

My system is Windows 8.1 64-bit
The version of EM client is 6.0.21372.0

The account that is working is used on 6 devices without any issues
The account that isn’t working is currently used on 3 (including the device I am having the problem with)

I would like to get it sorted otherwise I will need to seek out yet another alternative to the dreaded Outlook and all it’s many problems!

Hi, I’m sorry to see this, but unfortunately the maximum number of connections reached message is thrown by your mail server. If your server only allows three connections to use the mail server at a time, you might be seeing this error, this is however not an issue of the application and you would most likely come across the same issue with any other email client.

Occasionally, we’ve come across customers that have been using their email account on a mobile email client that has exceeded the limit and were using more than a single connection to the server.

Thank you,

thanks for the reply Paul but I don’t think that can be the case as I have been able to set the account up again on another windows machine in Outlook using windows 7 and on my iPad using the outlook app. and both are open and running and as far as I am aware there are no restrictions on the number of connections. Could it be something to do with using windows 8 ?

update - I have been in touch with the guy who provides my email hosting and there is no restriction on the number of connections

Hi again, what mail service are you using with eM Client or what hosting company are you using for your mail server? The error is being thrown by your server, the error states the maximum number of connections has been reached, a maximum number of connections is setup with all common mail service I still believe this is caused by your server settings.

Not all applications have to display this error, most applications show these errors silently and do not show them to user as the application would most likely be able to reconnect and fetch the data, eM Client however chooses to display all errors that occur during your connection.


Hi again Paul

to be honest with you I am not entirely sure. I have my hosting with a company called Sleeky and the settings I use for my mail are so I am guessing that is the server??

Anyway having had all sorts of problems with more than one email account and in Microsoft Outlook as well as eM Client, but only on machines running with windows 8.1 and only with accounts that originally ran just fine, the only solution we have found is to set up completely fresh email accounts and get the old ones to forward mail (though I don’t want to have to do that again so I hope it stays ok) Everything is now working fine, in eM Client at least, and I have bought 2 pro licenses as outlook has been a complete pain for me for some time and I am almost sure the whole problem started with outlook and 365 subscription in windows 8.1 I am steering completely away from outlook from now on! So far I really like the eM Client experience.

Many thanks for your attempt to be helpful

Hi, I’ve checked with your mail hosting technical support if there’s a maximum number of connections setup on the server to make sure our information are correct, I’ve been notified that you’ve checked with the provider yourself and that you’ve been notified the issue is related to the number of devices (multiple) you use to synchronize the account with as I originally suspected.

I’d like to close the topic on that note, as this is really not due to an application issue, but please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

Hi Paul

you can and thank you. Just one final note I did check with the provider and was told there was no restriction as far as he was aware, as I had said in an earlier update. It is only now having had contact from you that they have said that it must be an issue. Thanks for all your help