Server says invalid credentials

Even though I can’t receive emails because of invalid credentials, I can go to Yahoo/ATT and sign in with the same credentials and see all the emails that eM Client can’t seem to receive. WHY?? Is eM Client not able to communicate with properly with Yahoo/ATT even though I can sign in with them on the internet? Very frustrating.

Normally that is because with the web interface, you use your account password, whereas with the app, you use the app password. They are not the same.

You can create your Yahoo! app password here

Gary, I don’t understand. I just started having the exact same problem that foxflyer is having. Just started, as in just a few hours ago. My eM has been working fine for years then out of nowhere, a red triangle pops up. I clicked your link and it wanted to change my password.

If your provider now requires to you use an app password, then your regular login password will not work.

You will need to setup the app password through their web interface.

Open the link and click on the generate app password option.

Thank you, Gary. My bad, I guess. The first time I ended up at the password change page. Anyway, I went through again and all is well. My eM is working again! Thank you!!!