Server says [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Invalid credentials (Failure) with Gmail acount

I tried to add my GMAIL account and i keep getting this:

Server says [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Invalid credentials (Failure) with Gmail acount

Is this for POP3?

IMAP, anyway i reinstalled and now magically seems to work…weird…

Yeah, sorry I only just saw in your screenshot that it said IMAP. :wink:

Glad it’s working now.

I am having the same issue. Every other server is fine, but not Gmail. I imported my settings from Thunderbird, so do’t understand it.

Any idea how it magically started to work?

Remove the Gmail account in Menu > Accounts, then add it again using the automatic setup.

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Not working for me so far…
Uninstalled and reinstalled eM, tryed importing from Thunderbird, eliminated account, tried importing through automatic setup but it keeps on with a pop up window… Saying that password is required…

It is waiting for you to enter your Gmail credentials in a browser popup window. If you cannot find any browser windows open, cancel the account setup, then go to your Windows settings and change your default browser.

Back in eM Client add the Gmail account again using the Automatic Setup. The process is described here.

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Great, thanks! The problem is indeed with my browser not popping up windows, including eM’s.

Working now!

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