server says 5.7.8 sorry

This window pops up saying ‘Password required - server says 5.7.8 sorry’ and I cannot send or receive new email even though my web mail account shows that I have more email!

I have changed my password successfully at my web mail account online and I have changed it in the settings of emclient. However for some reason after I add the same new password to the account in emclient settings it doesn’t seem to allow the new password to be set up inside emclient. Am I not setting the password up correctly inside emclient???

I reported the problem and I found problem - there is a diagnostic that I discovered in the settings under accounts. A tab called diagnostics. I chose this and found that I had some kind of problem with the SMTP server. I further executed the ‘fix problem’ option and vola! the problem was solved. Now back in business!