Server says "5.7.0 (#MBR1213) Please verify your account by going to...

Today I began to receive the following notification when trying to send messages: Server says "5.7.0 (#MBR1213) Please verify your account by going to…At this point it wants confirmation of my email and password. Both are correct but when I hit OK the box just keeps popping up.  Incoming messages work fine but I can’t send or reply. Diagnostics show POP3 is OK but just spins when analyzing SMTP. This is not a Yahoo problem as send/receive works on Yahoo webmail and on my android devices, but not on Win7 Pro PC. Any ideas?

Hi Joe,

Have you enabled access from Yahoo webmail?
If not you may need to do it here:, go to account security and “Allow apps that use less secure sign in”
Then try to accept username and password prompt in eM Client, it may need few tries until it recognizes changes from Yahoo.
Let me know how it goes.

Kind regards

I am in the same boat. Above does not work. Please advise.

Hello Andrew,

This error should be related to Yahoo’s two-step verification.
Please refer to this article:
This detail from article should help:

Using two-step verification with apps Some apps (like iOS Mail, Android Mail, Outlook, and Yahoo messenger for PC) require a specific password to connect that app with Yahoo. If you enable two-step verification, you’ll need to create a third-party app password to use in apps like these.

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I am using a free email client called eM client to pull in my yahoo emails. all of a sudden I can receive emails but I cant sent any. I keep getting a pop message that says Password Required - "Server says 5.7.0 (#MBR1213) Please verify your account by (…nothing after that) with fields for user name and password.  I went to Yahoo mail on web and logged out, and logged back in but eM client still popping same message. I even changed my password but still getting same popop and cant send emails. Any suggestions? I found another older closed post that said it was issue on Yahoo side.

I am using version 7.1.30794.0