Server requires username and password

When receiving mails from one sender (, I get a message saying: Serveren ( demands username and password.
When looking at any other incoming emails after receiving an email from this sender, the whole inbox is “jamming up”, and it is not possible to open any other emails.
What kind of server is this, and how do I fix it?
Thank you in advance and a Happy New Year to all;-)

sábado 17 diciembre 2022 :: 1332hrs (UTC 0000)

Hey @Torunn

I guess you know “” is a Norwegian advertizing site if you have email from them.
This link is the “contact us” page where you can ask them what they want, you will probably need to accept their cookies (jeg forstår) is the Norwegian to accept cookies before anything will work on the site:

Unless you were expecting something from them my advice is to delete the email or to move it out of the inbox.

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