Server links in emails not working

I am running an evaluation copy of emClient before buying. I’m not sure if this is the right place for pre-purchase queries, but I can’t find anywhere else. Strange! Usually support is only too keen to sort out problems and queries during trial periods to get a sale!

Generally everything in em Client works fine. BUT server links in the email body do not work as links.

Server links in the form <\DATA\Company\Inspection\CURRENT\R-Jobs\report-xyz> do not work in em Client; they work fine in Outlook. Why?

Web links, in the format work fine.

I need to resolve the server links as we use an automated proposal and reporting app, which generates emails with server links generated dynamically to documents and folders on the server. Copying and pasting all these links into Explorer is a pain in the a****

That should be 2x\ in front of DATA

On post, the 2x\DATA becomes \DATA