Serial Mails with eM

Can I send serial mails via eM?
(400 receipients which need to get mails with identical content but their Address in the “To”-Field (not BCC), or better individually adressed (instead of “Dear Sir or Madam” we have “Dear Mr. Coulson”)

You cannot do mail merge in eM Client so your latter option (“Dear Mr. Coulson”) is not possible. However, you can develop a generic email (“Dear Sir or Madam”) and send it to multiple recipients in a way that each will perceive it as unique.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Place all your recipients in the “To:” box. You can do this individually, by category or by creating a “Distribution List” (Click on down arrow to right of “New” and select “Distribution List…”
  2. Compose your email.
  3. Do not click “Send”. Instead, At the upper left of the new email window click “Menu” > “Message” > “Send as mass mail”

Each recipient on your “To” line will receive an email which will appear unique.

Hope this helps.

Hello Marian,
you can use variables in eM Client. Right-click inside the message and choose Insert>Variables.
If you input the Sir/Madam into the Prefix section of your contact, you can use the Variables as ‘Dear {Prefix} {Surname}’

If you use variables the message is automatically sent as Mass Mail (separate message for each contact).


Well live and learn. This is great!


Hello guys how can I creat distribution list from list of email addresses, pls? I have only email addresses in one column in text… thanks ales

Hello Aleš,
you need to create Ditribution licts in your Contacts section.
Simply right click in an empty space in your contacts and choose to create New Distribution list.
Then either insert your mail addresses separately or drag and drop in existing addresses from eM Client.

You can also first select your contacts in eM Client and then right-click them to create DL from them.