Separate Rules window from Client window

I would like to see the Rules window be independent of the Client window.  Now with the Rules window open, you cannot manipulate the Client window.  For example I want to add a list of senders to a single rule.  I would like to be able to copy each sender’s email address from the Client window and add it to the rule, without having to close the Rules window to gain access to the Client window.
Hope you understand what I’m saying.  When I read it back, it sounds confusing to me too.

Hi John,

If you add or edit a rule, you can click on the ‘people’ link, which will show a window in which you can add e-mail addresses.

In that window is a button [contacts…] which shows a new window in which you can select multiple e-mail  addresses.

Is that workable for you?

screen shots:

Thanks for the reply Hans,

My problem is that limits addresses to people in my Contacts list.  I’m trying to route emails from people, groups, forums, etc. that I do not include in my Contacts and where I need to add multiple addresses to a rule.  (Example: I take part in many forums and I place mail from all of them in a folder simply labeled “Forums”.  Since I never write them directly, just post on site, they’re not in my Contacts list.)  Those are the types where I need to gather addresses from the eM Client window.  (I limit my Contacts List to people I write on a regular basis.)
Also it would be a real help if one of the choices offered were “Contained” in the “From” field of a message. 
An example could be your email.  If the From “Contained”  just “[email protected]” without the “noreply”, or even just “” 
 That way all emails from the eM forum would be routed to an “eM Forum” folder. 
(I realize that the “noreply” may be part of all emails from the forum, but I used that as an example of what I’m after.)
I guess that I’m just used to Thunderbird’s more flexible rules creation, without strict pre-determined choices and with simultaneous access to the Client Window. 

Thanks again for the assistance.  Since I am a new user, I’m sure I will learn to live with eM’s limitations over time, it just that I rely heavily on rules.  So far I am very impressed with the rest of the program.

Hi John, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll make sure to consider adding the feature to future releases of eM Client.
Hope you find some of Hans’s suggestions helpful to use the current setup.

Thank you,

Thanks for the reply Paul,

I am learning quite a bit from Hans and the other members.


I’m glad we have such advanced and helpful users here on the forum, please feel free to post any questions that will come to your mind, while discovering eM Client’s features.

Thank you,